SEO Marketing Company Albany – The growing importance of “Calls to Action”

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SEO Marketing Company Albany – The growing importance of “Calls to Action”

SEO Companies in Albany are one of the very best places to look to when you hope to discover many of the growing trends in SEO — this is especially important as 2016 begins to pick up. And so the piece of advice I would like to give people reading this is to really prioritize your Social media– specifically your ‘calls to action’. These features are your Likes, Clicks, Comments and Shares. These 4 actions are the trick to any success in Facebook Marketing– It spreads out awareness, measures success and results in increased communication and sales.

To take advantage of this, consider what will basically inspire your fans to take action and support you and your cause. Consider things such as discounts, specials and deals– even look at exclusive Facebook content or products. If you make your supporters feel special and appreciated then they will constantly grow in number. But when it comes down to it, they need to have constant focus; if you don’t interact with them as a whole or don’t tell them how they can interact then they won’t actually do anything. The most effective thing to carry out is that each time you generate content, or think of content ask yourself ‘if it is quality’, and ask ‘if it is valuable’. This ‘value’ does not mean ‘something worth money’ but simply it means if it is content that actually contributes. You really want to be adding Value to a newsfeed, not throw more garbage into the heap– you need to be the diamond in the rough. Only after that will you start to see the outcomes you are after, and in fact convert ‘likes’ into ‘subscriptions’ into ‘customers’.

What you ought to recognize about your ordinary customer (and especially your ordinary Facebook user) is that they don’t actually like to do anything. If you make a post with too many words, 95 % of people will not bother to scroll down to read it– your customers are inherently lazy, so you have to make it easy for them to engage. This is certainly clear when it comes to Calls to Action, because if you don’t let them know to like, click, share, message, buy (or whatever it is you want them to do) then they probably won’t do it! So create this quality content, but do not forget the call to action to incite people to actually act on your content.

The Social Media element of SEO is ever-increasing in importance, and will continue to be a growing trend as we move through 2016. If you are looking for an SEO agency at the moment to help boost your success and reach, then make sure they actually recognise Social Media because many in Albany still are not paying enough attention. If you want to have a chat to an agency about what might be next for your business, then look at giving Internet Marketing Experts Albany a call on.

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